E.A. Campo & Associates
191 Briarwood Loop
Oakbrook, IL  60523
Ph.  630-913-3943


"Ernie was asked to assist us on many different assignments inside our banking and dealer organization.  His fees were fair and the pay back and end results were exceptional."

Larry Oberg, COO BMW Bank of N.A.

"Ernie Campo was a key player in the early growth of the Discover Card consumer base and the brand positioning for the company.  His ability to handle multiple marketing tasks was his major strength."

Tom Butler, Retired President COO, Discover Card

"I have used Ernie Campo as a consultant with banks and retailers internationally who have needed credit card assistance.  He is a proven professional who has done an outstanding job in the past and is a valuable resource in the future for me and my clients."

Jim Arnold, President, James E. Arnold & Associates

"Ernie was hired to help us set up a new bank partner and improve our credit card business.  His background in retail, catalog and the credit card field was definitely an asset in getting us the best deal contractually while helping us launch successfully our new loyalty reward program."

Ron Ramseyer, President, Bass Pro Shops

"Ernie Campo creates 'win-win' situations that achieve bottom line benefits.  Perhaps most importantly, he is a person of integrity who can be counted on for honest dealing."

Tom McDermott, Chairman COO, Bausch & Lomb

"Mr. Campo has always had an outstanding track record of getting results in a committed and focused way.  He understands success.  He works very well with people and is an excellent 'marketer' in finding solutions to difficult business problems."

      Bill Salter, President, Specialty Stores Sears, Roebuck & Company,
      Board of Directors, Advance Auto Parts

"With Ernie Campo's leadership and direction we were able to develop some creative ideas that translated into a successful loyalty promotion that exceeded our projections.  His creative thinking, integrity and knowledge of the loyalty marketing process were invaluable to the success of the project."

Ronald J. Raposa, President, Pinnacle Motivation, Inc.

"I became aware of Ernie Campo as a consulting resource to help me and a company I have a business relationship with to investigate the credit card arena.  His creative thinking, integrity, dedication and knowledge of the credit card business were invaluable."

Ted Spiegel, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University

"Ernie Campo is a great communicator and has a unique ability to analyze business opportunities, problems and challenges and come forward with creative solutions."

Stuart Kaitz, President, Art Merchandizing








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